It’s been a bit…

It's been a bit hectic again recently; lots of running to and fro. But I'll try to quickly catch you up on the last few days, starting Saturday, when snow slowed me down on the road to Karen's...but luckily, it only lasted up through O'Hare. We were going about twenty miles per hour for a while, but eventually it cleared up, and I had a long clean drive the rest of the way to Madison. I still don't love driving, and probably never will, but I'm mostly not so tense anymore, even when going at high speed on the highway. So that's good. Listened to music all the way up and back, and it was just nice, not thinking so much for a while.

When I got to Madison, I discovered that Kat would be joining us at the roller derby -- cool. It was too dark to get many good pictures, but I managed a few photos in the lobby of team members and mascots. I had a great time at the derby itself, and found myself screaming encouragement to the gals like a fool by the end of it. I heart Mouse and Crackerjack of the Reservoir Dolls. (They all have goofy names.)

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