Thanks to those posting…

Thanks to those posting comments in the previous entry (and those writing me directly); I'm loving reading those. Encouraging to know that essentially it seems you're happy to just have me writing, and don't mind that sometimes it's dull or random or whatever. :-)

We're home again, and oh, it's nice. I like visiting Kev's parents -- they've turned the kids' old bedrooms into a sort of guest suite at the back of the house, so anytime I need a break from socializing with other peoples' relatives I can run away and read, which is a nice option. I did a fair bit of reading. But I also just like them both a lot (also his sister and her husband and their two huge golden retrievers), so it's a pleasure to hang out with them. Kevin's mom has been getting back into cooking recently too, which adds extra dimensions of pleasure to the visit; Christmas dinner was a delectable roast lamb stuffed with spinach and cheese, accompanied by minted new potatoes, green beans, and meltingly soft rolls, followed by a pear cake drizzled with chocolate sauce. So good.

Today we start an austerity regime, I think -- we need to recover from both the gastronomical and financial excesses of the holidays. Work, enjoy our presents, live off our accummulated fat -- okay, maybe we'll eat a little, but we're both planning on starting exercise again, after too long without. Not buy anything for a month or two. :-)

I have a fair bit to do today -- finish grading and hand in grades (yes, I know the semester is running ridiculously late, but people tell me this isn't normal, so hopefully it won't happen again next year), do laundry, get groceries, make dinner for us and Lisette, who's stopping by tonight. I'm having some technical problems with the Roosevelt website, so I may have some trouble e-mailing in grades, but hopefully not. We'll see. If I have to, I imagine I can go into campus and turn them in by hand.

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