I love light on…

I love light on crystal. Sunlight, candelight. It's sparkly. :-)

It's always good to make your guests do the cooking for you -- while other guests eat, of course. David, Beth and Sujata assemble canapes, while Nilofer and Lakshmi eat them! :-)

It is difficult to capture the elusive Kevin on film, but we managed to snatch a few glimpses of him in his native habitat.

Lakshmi's mango martinis were a big hit with Hellen, Nilofer, Sujata -- and well, everyone else. They complemented Hellen's homemade breads (yes, she made all of those, plus mashed potatoes, plus chocolate puffs filled with dulce de leche).

Lakshmi stole the baby! But don't worry, she gave him back.

It's not a proper holiday party without small children. Natan joined us with his parents, Alex and Alena. Sadly, he got tired and they had to go home before actual dinner -- the turkey took a little longer than we'd hoped. But everything else was pretty much perfect. And I think having the turkey take too long is traditional, so in its own way, that was perfect too. :-)

Ahmod and Satya.

And thanks to Sujata for managing to take a decent photo of me. Two, even. :-)

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