It’s almost eleven on…

It's almost eleven on Thanksgiving morning, and I have done no cooking yet. This must be a record for me. I spent the morning re-reading Lackey's By the Sword, and enjoying it thoroughly. I'm clearly taking this 'taking it easier' thing to foolish extremes.

Seriously, I'm hardly cooking anything this year. We're having about a dozen friends over, and they're bringing almost everything. Kev's making turkey and gravy; I'm making stuffing, salad, and a few appetizers. It hardly feels like Thanksgiving -- though I suspect that'll change once all the food and people are here. :-)

What are y'all cooking this year? I'm making cornbread-chipotle-sausage stuffing, prosciutto, asian pear and date canapes with mint, crab-stuffed mushrooms, and mixed green salad with orange, cranberry, and pecans. Also serving some purchased truffle pate, salmon mousse, and vegetable terrine with mini toasts. Might add some quince paste on manchego cheese, if we seem short. Mmm...

Saw Walk the Line last night. I think I would've gotten more out of it if I knew anything at all about Cash beforehand, but it was still a good movie, and I fell half in love with June Carter, played by an excellent Reese Witherspoon. Now I'm gonna go see if iTunes has the two Cash songs I really liked from the movie.

11:08 update: cornbread (with added corn and green chili, yum) in the oven, and I bought the soundtrack. But I don't think it has the song with 'two arms' 'two lips' etc. Anyone know the name of that song?

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