Well, the day didn’t go…

Well, the day didn't go exactly as planned. The interview went well, though he did say that he thought I was writing too fast, and in the process, not paying as close attention to language as I could. Unfortunately, I think he may be right; I've been fretting about that myself. We'll see if there's time to fine-tune the language a bit more on The Arrangement. It's an interesting line, trying to let myself be poetic, without sliding over into overblown prose.

Kev told me that it's supposed to snow tomorrow, so after I scanned in the most urgent work for my Roosevelt students, I spent a couple of hours moving things around on the roof, prepping the garden for winter. It's super-windy up there, so there was a fair bit of hauling stuff over to the one wall, in the hopes that they won't fall down so much.

I still need to winterize the roses in their pots -- not that I'm exactly sure what that entails. Should I even try, or should I just bring them inside? They're pretty big pots, but not *too* heavy to carry, if Kev helps. Advice?

I still haven't had lunch or hauled things out of my car. I think I'll do the latter first, then get lunch while running errands. Hopefully I'll be home by 4-ish and can finish up my poor last student for Vermont, who has been waiting most patiently for my comments on her packet.

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