I slept another ten…

I slept another ten hours last night, and I'm starting to actually relax. Not quite there yet -- I'm still about a day's work behind on teaching, and until I get caught up, I'll keep feeling guilty about neglecting my students. But I'm really hoping to power through that today.

This morning, I have a phone interview, and afterwards, need to run some errands. We are low on food, which always makes me fretful. This afternoon, I'll work on students, plus bring up some of the stuff from the Kriti festival which is currently stuffing my car to a ridiculous extent. It's amazing how much stuff we generated. Postcards, flyers, program books, gridwall, and I don't even know what else.

If I were virtuous, I would go into campus this evening for a performance by Alix Olsen; she's being brought in by my department, and I really ought to go and show support. But I suspect I will stay home and watch movies instead, because I am still tired.

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