Somehow yesterday got…

Somehow yesterday got eaten up in errands and the like. Buying groceries, returning a jacket that didn't fit, etc. We ate out twice, lunch with Tasos (one of our old friends from Kev's grad program who has just moved back to Chicago), and dinner with just me and Kevin at Scylla, celebrating the finish of the book slightly prematurely.

I had the oddest entree I've had in a while; grilled trout with preserved lemon sauce over asparagus -- okay, that part, not so odd -- but then all that layered over sauteed mushrooms, gnocchi, and a chocolate-basil sauce. Fish and chocolate! How weird is that? It was all surprisingly tasty, though I would call the dish bold, rather than subtle. Kev felt that his dish was also on the bold side, so if you're looking for inventive cuisine with a mix of pungent flavors, you might try this place.

Anyway, must go actually finish book now. Many people sent in many small notes over the weekend. :-)

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