Done. 149,062 words,…

Done. 149,062 words, according to MS Word, though Bob doesn't think that's an accurate count. Still, a useful comparison point for me. Bodies in Motion clocked in about 89,000. This is longer. Though oddly, I'm not sure it feels any longer when you read it.

Sent it to Marjorie. Am now going to avoid thinking about it for the next week. With any luck, it'll take her at least that long to read it. :-)

I wrote a novel (with a great deal of help from my friends). How strange.

9 thoughts on “Done. 149,062 words,…”

  1. Congratulations!

    There’s a quick-and-dirty way of estimating word counts: Courier 12, 1″ margins. In Word, under Format/Paragraph… set line spacing to Exactly 25, and turn off all the widow/orphan, keep with next, etc. stuff. This will give you roughly 250 words per page.

    I warn you, though, this word count is generally higher than Word’s, not lower.

    (I can’t believe I know these things, much less can recite them from memory…)

  2. Congratulations, Mary Anne!!

    Being able to watch a novel grow out nothing but a bunch of thoughts, insights, talent, and daily labor was awesome.

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