Heh. I knew that ‘done’…

Heh. I knew that 'done' was premature. Based on comments from Dawn and reinforced by Bob, it's clear that I need to add at least one Gabriel scene in the last chapter, and possibly elongate the very last scene, which is a bit rushed. S'okay; I can do that Sunday. I'm not even going to look at it again 'til then.

Traffic was really good driving in; I got to Schaumburg half an hour earlier than expected, which is dangerous, because IKEA is right across the street from our campus. So I went in, immediately found a fabulous mirror, picked up the little dish warmers that I'd meant to get a year or so ago but somehow never got around to, almost made it out, but got ambushed by a large terra cotta oval pot and a square glass vase and a set of nested linen-lined rattan baskets as I wheeled my cart from the escalator to the cash register. That store is evil.

And then of course I couldn't resist the Swedish meatballs, lingonberries, and new potatoes (nor the tin of ginger snaps, nor the gingerbread house kit) in the food section. (And no, I didn't have time to exercise today.) So I am a stuffed little consumer at the moment, but happy nonetheless. IKEA mostly isn't my style (too clean, bright, modern, and plastic), but they do have really good prices for some simple little household items that make your life better.

4 thoughts on “Heh. I knew that ‘done’…”

  1. Mary Anne,

    Congratulations on almost being done :)!

    I’m really mesmerized by the way all your deadlines get met and your projects get done–and you’re not an emotionless automaton either, which trashes my fourth favorite theory in the world :).

    Anyway, i saw reviews of Susan Kaplan’s ‘Three of Hearts’–a docudrama about a three-person marriage between a woman and two men and thought of the plot of your present novel. http://www.nerve.com/screeningroom/film/threeofhearts/printcopy.asp
    I hope this is somewhat helpful rather than disruptive.

  2. Mary Anne Mohanraj

    Heh. Kevin would laugh if he read that bit about emotionless automaton. Not even close. There was a point around mid-September when the weeping was getting to ridiculous levels.

    Bob was joking about my writing the next novel in six months, and when I mentioned it to Kevin he said that if I tried that, he was moving to Europe for six months. 🙂

    I saw the reviews of that too; I’m trying not to be convinced that a threesome movie with an Indian woman and two men isn’t going to just kill sales of my book because everyone will say ‘oh, that’s been done.’ At least it’s a documentary and not some big blockbuster. I suppose it could become a documentary blockbuster…

  3. There is a defense against IKEA. Get yourself a small sports car, like a Miata, so you won’t have room to take anything home. Works for me almost every time!

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