Sorry for silence. I…

Sorry for silence. I went to California Friday for Tim and Heather's wedding. Spent some time talking the book over with David while there, which was helpful. The wedding, on Saturday, was most lovely, and though I was still a stress-head for much of the day, Ian did coax me into dancing, and once dancing, I lost track of my brain for a bit and just had fun. Danced so hard my stomach hurt and I felt pretty sick afterwards (yes, I'm out of shape), but it was worth it. Saw many old friends; most notably had time to actually talk with my old housemates, Ian and El. V. good. Sunday was sadly not a good day -- my flight was delayed four hours (mostly sitting on the runway), so I got home around midnight, losing a lot of precious work time. V. frustrating. The extra movie they showed (Bewitched) was not worth it. At least I came home awake enough that I could talk over the book some more with Kevin between midnight and 1 a.m.

This morning, I finish revisions to Part I and send it to Bob and others to see what they think. This afternoon, I prep for class, and this evening I teach.

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