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CALL FOR PAPERS: The Intimate and the Extimate: Violence and Gender in the Globalized

Ed., Sanja Bahun-Radunovic and V.G. Julie Rajan, Rutgers University

Featuring a Preface written by Charlotte Bunch, Executive Director of the Center for Women's Global Leadership, the anthology The Intimate and the Extimate: Violence and Gender in the Globalized World will explore violence against women as reflected in and refracted through a gendered lens from the individual to the local, regional, and the international levels. The collection explores violence as both an unsettled/unsettling philosophical category and as a unifying term for the diverse material acts of the physical, representational, psychological, historical, and cultural spheres. A core agenda of the text is to bring visibility to the lesser-known forms of violence and to violence in uncommonly considered parts of the globe. We are seeking papers addressing a wide range of topics, from the rhetoric and epistemology of violence, to the relationships between subalternity and violence, to the legal repercussions, sexual and health implications, artistic articulations, dynamics of environment and development, linguistic or cultural hegemonic, or historical and transgenerational inscriptions of violence.

Deadline: November 1, 2005. Please email abstract, 150-word biography, and contact information to: V.G. Julie Rajan at julie@rajans.org

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