Kevin discovered last…

Kevin discovered last night that our tomatoes have been infested with tomato hornworms. At first he thought there was just one, but when he looked more closely, he found lots. They're busily devouring the leaves, flowers, and even the tomatoes themselves. No wonder our tomatoes have been looking a bit sickly.

I know I should be annoyed -- they're apparently pretty pernicious garden pests. But I'm actually pleased that they somehow managed to find their way up to a fourth floor rooftop garden. It makes it feel more like a real garden. And now I know what the gorgeous moth was that I saw up there a few weeks ago sucking nectar from our flowers, with wings that flashed as quickly as a hummingbird's. It even has a cool name -- the hawk or sphinx moth. I have sphinx moths in my garden!

Nature is great. :-)

2 thoughts on “Kevin discovered last…”

  1. Ugh. I hate the tomato hornworms. HATE. They infested the tomato’s we had when I was growing up and I had to help get rid of them.

    This year, my parents haven’t had any, though. Which makes me happy.

  2. A quick note on hornworms… I’ve had good luck putting mothballs at the base of the tomato plant, the worms wont crawl over the mothballs.

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