Garden photos. In the…

Garden photos. In the third photo, anyone know what that is? It's a volunteer that showed up in the midst of my tomatoes, and I didn't have the heart to root it out, since it has pretty buds and blossoms.

As for the rest, in order: bellflower, sea oats, wormwood (I think), yellow pear tomatoes (still green :-), hydrangea.

The sky is pretty too.

4 thoughts on “Garden photos. In the…”

  1. I don’t know what the flower is, but I’ve got it in my garden too and so far it’s very quiet, doesn’t seem to be an obnoxious spreader. It tends to hang out with the bulbs closed for a really long time, and then bloom briefly and then wilt, but the closed bulbs are kind of my favorite part, so it works out okay.

  2. We have several of those around my work, which has beautiful landscaping, and they’re some of my favorites – in fact, I mean to try to collect seeds once they go to seed. But *no idea what they are. Dogwoodlike, wild rose-like….

  3. Pretty pictures!

    If you can post a shot of the unknown flowers that includes a better view of the leaf, and something to show scale, I can probably tell you what they are.

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