A quiet morning, the…

A quiet morning, the first one in a long time. It's rainy, which makes me want to cook. And we have houseguests, so I have an excuse to cook. (David is visiting to do math with Kevin, and Ilana is visiting with him.) So I made mini corn pancakes, some plain, some with habanero chili from our garden (quickly picked in the rain). Served with some leftover curry, with maple syrup, with grated cheddar cheese. Plus some canteloupe. And oh, it was good. The guests came downstairs, ready to rush out the door to attend a talk, but when they saw the pancakes, they stopped and ate some. Pancakes are hard to resist. Unsurprisingly, I went for chili pancakes with curry, and they went for plain with maple syrup. Everyone happy.

If this weather continues, we may have cranberry walnut muffins tomorrow. :-)

Today I have a student paper to respond to, some writing to do, a whole bunch of Kriti e-mail still to catch up on, and a few small errands. (We're out of eggs and conditioner, and I promised my parents I'd send them copies of some photos.) This evening, I'll go up to Andersonville and have dinner with Nilofer. We may go hear some friends of hers perform at the Hothouse. Should be a good day.

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