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SH author Sandra McDonald just sold her novel tentatively titled Alcheringa to Tor. Yay! She workshopped this Australian-based space opera at one of the SH summer workshops, and we gave her comments on the opening; maybe they even helped! :-)

Speaking of SH workshops; I was just too hectic to run any this summer, and I'm a bit hesitant to try for this winter either, just because I'm doing tons of teaching already. But I'm thinking of possibly holding a small SH winter retreat in late January in Sun Valley, Idaho, if the place I have in mind is available. Would people be interested? I'm thinking it'd be open to SH fiction authors, just like the workshops.

It'd be a week of just quiet writing, with breaks for skiing and snowboarding for those who want it. Group meals and chat in the evenings, quiet writing hours enforced during the day. I don't think there's internet at the house, though there may be a cafe in town. The place isn't huge, but can sleep a dozen or so in a mix of beds and sleeping bags. We'd ask for volunteers to coordinate the group meals, and there'd be no charge aside from grocery money. Getting out there is a bit of a trick though, if you're flying in; it's about an hour from the nearest (tiny) airport, so there'd be car rental (and probably sharing), I think.

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  1. Sabine the lurker

    I wonder if that’s the same Sandra McDonald who once upon a time wrote rather wonderful Highlander fan-fiction. Because if it is, I’d buy her novel sight unseen.

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