Yesterday kind of got…

Yesterday kind of got away from me. After cooking (lemon scones and tea sandwiches: coriander/chicken, mango-apple chutney/cream cheese, masala mushroom cream), spent close to two hours with my delightful student and her charming husband, then Kevin and I spent an hour chatting about various household stuff that needs taking care of (we are still without a coffee table, for example), then it was time to pick up some wine, pack up food, and head down to Hyde Park for Aaron's birthday party, after which I gave David and Daniel rides home, so an extra hour or so of talking there. So it feels like I pretty much spent the day cooking and socializing. Which should stress me out, but instead, I was in a really good mood all day, and am still feeling more cheerful than has been my wont lately.

Kevin said a few weeks ago that I need more friends, or more accurately, that I need more local friends, people to just hang out and chat with. I think he's right. I'm working on it. Next Sunday, potluck brunch and board games here -- I don't think we've done that in close to a year, which is appalling. Miss various people. Wonder what's happening in their lives. Hopefully will find out.

This morning is quiet so far; fertilized and watered the rooftop garden, going to read for a bit more, then maybe write. This afternoon, we were thinking of heading down to work at Westgate cafe, maybe wander around the Randolph Street antique market, see if we can snag any good finds. In addition to coffee tables, we're also missing a china cabinet and a media cabinet. Kev's mom is sending me her wedding china (she uses her husband's mother's china), so it'd be nice to have someplace to put it. Just sitting out on the counter probably isn't the best option. :-)

We're so close to done with moving in. A few pieces of furniture, some curtains for the dining room, and one closet left to unpack. So close!

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