A bit sleepy, but…

A bit sleepy, but pleased that I've gotten some work done already this morning. I received the graphics from Satya for promotional cards for Kriti, and I just finished placing the order. I think they'll be lovely, though I'm a bit worried about the backs, because they warn you that if you use color printing on the back (which we did), the back will have the same coating as the front, and you may have to hunt around to find pens which will write on it. Not that we're planning on mailing tons of postcards, but we may well mail some. And it'd be nice if other people who just pick up our card could mail it. Ah well -- we'll see how it goes. At least they'll look purty.

Today I actually start work at Roosevelt. I'm nervous, but excited too. Really really hoping I like this job. I drive out in an hour to the Schaumburg campus for day one of orientation. We'll meet various higher-ups at the University, talk about the mission, etc. The real question is, what do I wear? I know orientations are generally informal, but I'm just not comfortable wearing jeans to a new job. I think a simple summer dress, with a cardigan in case of excessive AC, is the answer. Aren't you happy to see my dilemmas so quickly resolved?

Orientation is today and tomorrow, then Th/Fri I'm in Iowa City for a reading at Prairie Lights (and get to stay with my little sister Sharmi, yay!), then Saturday lunch with a Vermont student who's visiting town, Saturday evening a birthday party down in Hyde Park, and Sunday, if I've had time to read it between now and then, go to the DesiLit book club meeting to discuss Rushdie's The Moor's Last Sigh. Busy week. Better get some tea and get going.

2 thoughts on “A bit sleepy, but…”

  1. Good luck at your first day of school! Don’t forget your lunchbox and pencils.

    And yeah, good call on the clothing choices. When I went to orientation last week, I showed up in jeans and a nice shirt, and felt a little out of place.

  2. Mary Anne Mohanraj

    No one wore jeans! 🙂 No one wore a suit either, fyi. Business casual appeared to be the order of the day.

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