I love being home. …

I love being home. Relatively quiet morning so far; we have a handyman here putting in the last of the tile for our shower -- somehow the builder forgot to install the ceiling tiles there. Odd. I've had leftover curry and tea, spent a little time reading on my roof deck. The rest of the day is devoted to errands, paperwork, prepping for the New York trip, etc.

I'll post a trip report soon, but first I wanted to note some good news -- my agent, Bob Mecoy, has signed my friend Angeli! I heard her read a month or so ago from her historical novel, and it was marvellous, and I told her to try Bob, and she did, and he liked it, as I'd expected. :-) No guarantees as to how things will proceed from here, but hey, she has an agent now. It's a great first step, and I'm so proud of her.

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