Well, I wasn’t expecting…

Well, I wasn't expecting to have time to write a journal entry, but it turns out that there's free wifi at the Damen train station. I doubt it'll be permanent, but is very cute for now. :-)

Waiting for the train to O'Hare, a bit late, but I think it'll be okay. My flight's at 8 a.m., which was maybe not necessary to be so early. V. short on sleep for the last two days, but still relatively cheerful. Today I fly to New York, for a reading tonight, lunch with my editor and agent tomorrow, and a reading tomorrow night (with John Crowley, v. exciting!). Home again Thursday afternoon, which is good, because while I got the absolutely essential stuff I needed to get done done yesterday, there's still lots left.

Had a pleasant cup of tea with Shalini Verma yesterday, who's with a group called Indus Women Leaders. We talked about the ways in which they could reach out to the S. Asian arts community, most of whom can't afford tickets to their $100 conference, for example. We're talking about maybe putting together an arts/philanthropy brunch at my place, to start a conversation going about encouraging philanthropy in the S. Asian community (which has traditionally been extremely non-generous in that regard -- maybe because back in the old country, such giving would have been channelled through religious avenues? Not sure). She's also going to put out flyers/postcards for my book and for Kriti at their conference, which is nice of her. :-)

Where is that train?

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  1. reading tomorrow night (with John Crowley, v. exciting!)

    Wow, good company. Are you going to tell him about name-dropping him in your writing?

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