A little discouraged…

A little discouraged this morning because the scale thinks my weight's a half-pound up, despite all the exercise and such. I'm going to assume it's new muscles, though, given how sore I still am.

Had a good day yesterday, worked steadily on my student packets, with brief pauses for household rearranging, ran on the treadmill, stayed in a good mood throughout. Just very happy with my life and work. Was nice.

Today, hopefully more of the same. Almost done with the packets. And then tomorrow, I get to write again -- I'm aching to write right now, because I think I've figured out what I want the opening of my novel to be, and oh, it'll be pretty if I do it right. If I can get the voice right on this, then I think it'll help immensely with getting the voice right throughout, which is the main problem I'm having with the book at the moment -- it's flat, flat, flat! But I can fix it. I think. Also need to revise that story for AE2, due tomorrow. Really ought to do that first. We'll see.

Gobs of travelling coming up in the next two months, some definite, some theoretical -- still trying to decide if I'm going to NASFIC in Seattle, for example, and back to the Bay Area for Alex's wedding in mid-September, and to D.C. for the South Asian lit festival there if they invite me (or that same weekend, the Bay Area for Tim/Heather's wedding). Unfortunately, all of my travel seems to involve going somewhere and then coming back to Chicago before going elsewhere -- good for being at home briefly and recharging, very bad for efficiency of time and money. We're pretty close to done with publicity money, too, so it's mostly on my own dime.

I'm a bit worried about my ability to write and exercise while travelling. I've done it before (more writing than exercise), but I've also not done it. But I think that correlates more to my mood than anything else, and my mood has been steadily improving the last week or so. If it holds, I think I'll be able to write in airports and on planes and at friends' houses and all that. Fingers crossed.

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