Gods, the weather’s…

Gods, the weather's beautiful today. Yesterday too -- we're in the midst of a perfect stretch of summer days here. I'm just finishing up one of my student packets; I took a break to take tea up to the roof. We'd picked up an outdoor chair cushion yesterday, so even though our chairs won't be delivered 'til next week, I got to sit comfortably under our shady sari canopy, drinking tea and re-reading a little Peter Beagle. He always makes me smile.

So far, this plan of spending at least half an hour each day just relaxing on the roof is working for me. A bit hard to tell if it's decreasing my overall stress levels, but the time in and of itself is just lovely. My roses are blooming like mad, even the yellow climber that didn't bloom for the longest time, and which turns out to be the strongest-scented of the lot. We have a long way to go to make our roof the riotous garden we'd like it to be -- we need to find out how much weight it'll bear, for example, before we can build serious soil beds up there, and we have to talk the condo board into letting us run water up there, so we can have drip watering. It may take a year to get it all in place. But for now, our pretty flower pots are making us happy, and the tomatoes are growing nicely, despite their late start.

I think I can't resist the beauty of being outdoors today; I'm going to go ahead and take my laptop up there, see if there's enough shade that I can still read the screen. I'll probably be kinder to my students if I'm in a good mood from being among my flowers, right?

Anyone know what that purple flower is? The roses are climber "Scent from Above" and bedding rose "Hot Tamale."

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  1. The purple flowers look like Monkey Flowers to me! I’m not sure what the technical name is, but the ones in the nurseries out here are labeled Monkey Flowers 🙂

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