Gods, it’s a beautiful…

Gods, it's a beautiful day today. Highs around 75, currently just about 70. Perfect climate for the Mary Anne. Even feels a bit chillier, 'cause there's a strong breeze blowing, which means that I might actually wear a sweater when I go out. Considering that it was somewhere over a hundred this past weekend, this feels miraculous.

Spent the last hour doing an Illinois Arts Council grant application; intimidating on first appearance, but ended up being very simple and straightforward. They do like generating a lot of paper, though! This is for individual artists; apparently about ten percent of those applying get something, either the $7000 fellowship or the $700 consolation prize. One chance in ten seems worth spending an hour putting together the paperwork. I feel a little odd applying for it, like maybe I'm too published, but they say it's for established artists, not emerging ones, so I guess it's okay. I figure they're perfectly capable of rejecting me themselves, rather than having me second-guess them in advance.

Just talked to Bob and Marjorie, and we've moved back the deadline on BiM a few months, to late October. My impression is that we're still maintaining the same release date, and I'm going to try to actually finish by early October, so Marjorie and I have time to do a final polish draft, assuming they like that version. If I'm not happy with what I've done by early October -- well, we'll cross that bridge then. But for now, that's the plan. A relief to drop the August deadline.

Plan for today, finish various small leftover tasks and e-mail, exercise with Lakshmi, Kriti meeting tonight. Plan for tomorrow -- write.

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  1. So what does BiM stand for? I thought it was your just-published collection. I don’t remember your ever giving us a title of your threesome novel.

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