I’ve had a very quiet…

I've had a very quiet birthday, with a minimum of fuss and presents -- got a few last weekend at the big party, and opened Karina's last night, when she called from Australia (where it was my birthday already). We had a long lovely talk, which was a very nice present in itself. And then today, I mostly just took it easy, until it was time to go down to Hyde Park for my reading at 57th Street Books. By which point it was raining. Which was a present in itself.

Oh, it made me a little late, what with not wanting to drive in it and the bus being slowed down, and Mirna (who was buying me dinner) having to order for me so I wouldn't be late to the reading. But I do love rain, and it was glorious, walking through it in my red heels, red skirt, red umbrella. (Also a shirt, of course, not red.) Sometimes lightly drizzling down, sometimes increasing to a sharp shower, a furious rapping on the shield of my umbrella. And I got wet -- my shoes, my skirt, my bag. But it was warm and I was just happy to be out, in the rain.

After the reading (where I read "The Princess in the Forest," which went over well, and answered lots of questions mostly from fellow U of C folks, including one guy who said he knew me by sight when I was a freshman in the Shoreland, and wondered why he had never asked me out :-), I got to go out into the rain again, heading home. Mmm....

Maybe I should move to Seattle.

But maybe then I'd take it for granted.

Yay, rain.

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