Pleasant morning so far,…

Pleasant morning so far, though plagued by a sense of guilt because in the four days I've been home, I haven't managed to write or exercise yet. Sigh. I was a bit frantic with catch-up work Mon/Tues, and then yesterday I declared a holiday, and spend a good half the day re-reading part of Elizabeth Moon's The Deed of Paksennarion. I think I needed that.

In the evening, I was domestic, doing laundry, unpacking from my trip, actually arranging the linen closet. If you visit our house right now, it looks surprisingly neat, given how recently we moved in -- until you open a closet and see all the stuff I just threw in there, threatening to fall out. So one closet's done now, such that you can actually reach inside and just take out the item you need, rather than wading through a chaotic sea -- many closets left to go.

We also assembled the gazebo that arrived yesterday. I got pretty frustrated in the process of struggling with recalcitrant screws, but Kevin kept his cool and just plugged away at it until it was entirely assembled. It's a lovely thing, up on our roof deck, and eventually there will be chairs beneath it, and plants across the top, and it will be shaded and beautiful. And then it'll probably be winter and all the plants will die before we get a chance to actually use it, but it's the thought that counts... We're planning on getting some plants to hang from it this evening, so hopefully by tomorrow the deck will be in reasonable shape for photos. :-)

This morning I spent an hour or so pruning plants, trying to help them recover from Kevin's attempts at gardening while I was gone. His watering is well-intentioned, but erratic. Not that mine is much better, but I seem to notice a bit more when the plants are suffering, so they get attended to sooner. Other than that, I've been reading some of my Vermont students' work -- two of them are well into novels, so I told them to go ahead and send me what they'd drafted so far, so that we could discuss them before they wrote more.

Going to work on that for another couple of hours, and then go for a dress fitting. I don't know if I mentioned that I'm having a dress made for my party? We're using sari fabric to make a dress that should look fairly similar in style to the one I was wearing for the reading last week (the red/white one). The fabric I think we're going to use is a muted red with a subtle pattern in it. I think. I need to decide on the fabric today, but I may waffle up until the last minute.

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