Incredibly physically…

Incredibly physically tired, despite having hired movers (did a good job, would recommend to others). Just still tons of stuff to hand-carry or move around new place. Definitely too old and with too much stuff to move ourselves at this point.

Moved safely. Only one thing broken so far. Phone guy just came and hooked us up, so we have dial-up now. Hopefully DSL soon. Also have new home phone number, so if you had the old one and want the new one, e-mail and I'll give it to you. No actual phone here yet, though -- still need to collect a few things from the old place. Cell phone working in interim.

Kitchen unpacked. Living room unpacked (though books not alphabetized on shelves). Dining room unpacked. My desk unpacked. All of upstairs (bedroom, tv room, study, two bathrooms) still to do.

We need several pieces of furniture, a few (like a chair for Kevin's study) moderately urgently to make the place functional. I also need to do my end-of-semester evaluations today. And we need to pack up the last things from the old place. So that's what we do for the rest of today: shop, write, pack.

Really beautiful morning here, by the way. Woke up to actual light in our bedroom -- our bedroom has windows, which is new, and exciting. So pleasant to wake up to natural light. Then came downstairs and opened all the doors (six!) onto the terraces so that the morning breeze could cool the place; worked like that for four hours, v. nice. Now about to switch over to air-conditioning, but it's nice that we didn't need it last night or this morning. We definitely would have in the old place, which was severely lacking in outside airflow.

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