Gods, yesterday was…

Gods, yesterday was exhausting. We carried a load over to the new place around 7:30 and picked up the elevator key to use today. Kevin was hungry, so he talked me into going out with him and keeping him company while he ate dinner (I had already eaten grocery store sushi), but by the time we sat down at the table, I was falling asleep. He tried various conversational gambits to get me to wake up and talk, but they all failed, one after another, until he asked me what Susan Lee thought of my book. That woke me up. :-) He thinks the problems she found sound fixable; let's hope so.

I woke up this morning, came out into the main room, and was briefly dismayed to find that there was *more* stuff piled on the counter unpacked than there had been the night before. Much more! Wasn't Kevin supposed to make progress while I was sleeping? I thought that was the plan. I was ready to go back into the bedroom and wake him up and ask, "What were you thinking???" But then I realized that he had emptied out the big closet (hence the masses of new stuff), and then I found a note explaining that we'd run out of small and medium boxes, and the large box he'd packed with this sort of stuff was just too heavy, and we didn't have any clothes or bedding left to cushion things with anyway, so he couldn't figure out what to do next. Fair enough. Poor munchkin. It is hard to think of clever solutions to such problems at 1 a.m.

I have now cleverly figured out (a full night of sleep is a big help with the thinking) that a lot of what's left can go in our various random suitcases (we have enough luggage for three people, I have no idea why) and be hand-carried over in our car. We can be careful not to jostle it too much (relatively careful, anyway). I think we're still going to be left with half a closet unpacked, but all in all, that's not too bad. We can come back this weekend and pick up that stuff.

Tea, breakfast, more packing. The movers are supposed to be here between 8 and 9. We'll be ready, for some value of 'ready.' :-)

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