Found an internet cafe…

Found an internet cafe down the street from my hotel in Negombo that actually lets me telnet in, which is lovely, so I am moderately caught up on e-mail. I think everything urgent has been dealt with, and I have confirmed to Vermont that I'll be happy to teach for them again this fall. Roosevelt is okay with this for a semester; we'll see how it goes, and then talk about whether they'd let me keep doing it if I wanted to after that. Seems fair to me.

Other than that, mostly doing family stuff. Am going to wait to write up real entries for the last few days until I get home, I think. Had a terrific hour and a half playing in the ocean this morning, though. I think if I lived next to an ocean this warm, I'd end up spending half my days in it.

Airport tonight, followed by many many hours of travel. Arrive home Thursday night, though it will feel much longer to me, because I lose a day of travel in there with odd time zoneness. Talk to you next from Chicago, probably!

3 thoughts on “Found an internet cafe…”

  1. the littlest (sharmi)

    the trip sounded awesome from your journal entries; can’t wait to hear the details. have a safe flight home!


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