After much hunting, I…

After much hunting, I found a plethora of embroidered shirts at a store whose name I'm now blanking on. SomethingFour. Majestic City was a very mall-like mall, much like home, not much use for what I wanted. I picked up a few shirts for about five bucks each, very pleasing.

Other than that, it's just been hanging with the relatives today. They ordered in Chinese for lunch -- for some reason, there are lots of Chinese people in Sri Lanka, and masses of Chinese restaurants. Dunno why. Lounged for a bit, recovering for lunch, then came down to my uncle's office to plug into his ethernet. He runs an internet services company, much like Pair, and as far as I can tell, his pricing and speed are pretty equivalent, so hey, if you need web hosting, try my uncle. :-)

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  1. What’s the name of your uncle’s internet services company? Not that I’m in Sri Lanka, but I do actually have friends who do a lot of business there, and on the Internet you never know who might be reading… 🙂

    Glad to hear the trip is going well. From my own recent travels to India I would have to second your suggestion of always giving yourself multiple days in each location – sometime after the second day or so you start to finally figure out a new place and start to get more comfortable getting around. In India we did have to allow nearly a full day to get to some cities via train, so it was definitely good that we had left ourselves many days once there – otherwise it would have been very stressful.


  2. a lot of the chinese women in sri lanka are .. “seamstresses”

    we also have some thais and quite a few russians.

    the russians go for about USD 100 per hour, the chinese/thai for about USD 50 p/h. locals can be anywhere from USD 100 (for some of the top models (and yes i mean catwalk models)) to about USD 5 for a streetwalker

    prostitution is not illegal in SL. but the cops use it as a way to extort money and/or sex from the women

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