A non-trip-related…

A non-trip-related journal entry! I had forgotten that I had another life...

Melcher Media is putting out a third waterproof erotica book, Aqua Erotica 2 (actually the third in the series, of course). I'm not editing this one because they're publishing it themselves and can't afford me; this is entirely amicable on both our parts. Even if they could afford me, I'm not sure I actually have the time to edit another anthology right now. The pay rate is a flat $300, rather than the 5 cents/word I had them paying before, so it won't be SFWA-qualifying, I'm afraid. But it will be a pretty little book, and should be well-publicized; they generally do nice work. So if interested, check out their guidelines.

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  1. If I’m reading their guidelines right, they’re looking for stories between 2500 and 4500 words, which comes to 6 to 12 cents a word, so if it qualifies for SFWA on other grounds, then it qualifies by pay rate.

    Assuming, of course, that they’re interested in sf. But they do say “real and fantastical.”

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