Whew! I have just…

Whew! I have just finished uploading all the photos from the last two weeks. I may eventually set up some sort of slideshow, so you can go directly from large photo to large photo, with captions, but for now, an interim solution -- I've inserted thumbnails into all the previous entries, so that you can go back and see them all in context of the journal.

Start Here.

Just click on any that interest you to see a larger version. And if you're curious which photos are mine and which are Karina's, you can tell by looking at the URL -- hers will have her name there.

I tired.

Hey, if you like a particular photo or two, tell me? I'm still such an amateur about photography -- I don't trust my judgement of which are the best photos.

I have some vague thought of trying to sell a couple of them, somewhere. Not that I have any idea where. Travel magazines? Stock photo places? Elsewhere?

8 thoughts on “Whew! I have just…”

  1. I have been reading and worrying about you, too. But there did not seem to be a reason to post comments that you could not see, because of limited internet access. I am so glad you are feeling better. Being sick away form home is not one of lifes greater pleasures.

  2. Well, I spent my lunch looking at all of the photos! The one’s that stand out to me are:
    the school kids in uniform, very evocative. The flirting series. Now there’s a story. And the tea cups. simple, descriptive, beautiful light.
    Great work!

  3. I especially like the photo with the bookshop signs and the stairs because it looks like such a magical place to find the perfect bookshop. (Shh, don’t tell me if the bookshop wasn’t perfect; in my imagination, it’s the best ever)

    Also the closeup on the elephant’s eye.

    I like the fan against the painting because of the way the lines are so similar while the objects are so different. And the giant fern that looks like water rippling.

    and I totally want that brass dragon bolt for my front door. for all of my doors!

    I hope you find something to eat that’s mild and soothing but still delicious (do Sri Lankans do chicken soup?). feel better soon.

  4. The bookshop is excellent, K. 🙂

    I think the Sri Lankan version of chicken soup is this green herbal porridge that’s supposed to be good for you. Not bad, but has a bit of a bitter aftertaste that isn’t so comforting.

  5. Hi Mary Anne,

    I didn’t know if you wanted picture comments posted in this thread, but I just wanted to quickly say that of the ones I’ve viewed thus far, I love the one with the chairs, sky and palm trees and the chairs and the beach. I’d purchase those myself… they are lovely.

  6. Well come home soon, and I’ll make you some chicken soup without any bitter greens (we save those for Passover), complete with properly comforting aftertaste.

  7. Mary Anne Mohanraj

    I think the one with the chairs and beach is my favorite, actually, though I may try to photoshop out the bit of green lamp in the bottom left corner. When I get home, I think I’m going to try to do some high-quality prints of some of these to sell as framed and matted art at WisCon. Maybe. I don’t know anything about how photographers manage this stuff.

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