Hey, is anyone out…

Hey, is anyone out there? My comments and e-mail have been almost silent -- I'm getting deluged with spam, but very little of anything real. I feel isolated. I feel like you guys don't love me anymore. If I knew that leaving the country meant that all my friends would start ignoring me, I never would've left...

11 thoughts on “Hey, is anyone out…”

  1. Hey Mary Anne! I’m sure we’re all still out here and we all still love you. I for one and am enjoying the hell out of your vacation entries, but don’t really have much in the way of comments, which is why I’ve been silent.

  2. I’m here as wel… I think I misread one of your earlier posts and thought you were already back in Chicago… The photos are very nice! Sounds like the trip has been mostly good (other than the bout of traveler’s GI stuff… not ever fun that)


  3. Your trip sounds lovely! I’m really enjoying reading all about it. I’m glad you’re feeling better and I hope you have a wonderful time for the rest of your stay.


  4. Been sick, so haven’t been commenting. Enjoying the entries and enjoying reading. Not sure what to say because it is so different from my experiences.

  5. I think most of us haven’t been emailing and commenting because we thought your email/internet access was so limited, we didn’t want to overwhelm it. But the gang’s all here 🙂

  6. I’m just a regular reader, not a friend, but I’m thoroughly enjoying your travelogue and photos! Glad you’re feeling better so you can enjoy the rest of your trip!

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