I managed to lock myself…

I managed to lock myself out of my apartment last night while doing the laundry, wearing only an old t-shirt and shorts; I'd been working out. Luckily, my next-door neighbor let me use his phone to call a locksmith in Winnipeg, and we watched the end of an exciting basketball game together, so it was much less painful than it might have been. Still made me feel like an idiot, though. I've been up for an hour or so -- didn't sleep well. Anxious about all the stuff I have to do before leaving, I think. Catch up on e-mail, on SLF stuff, on DesiLit stuff, do my students' March comments, pack everything I need for Sri Lanka, etc. and so on. Most of which I can do while travelling in the Bay Area and Vancouver. I leave in an hour for two days with Jed, two days with David, and then a day in Vancouver at AWP -- I'm on a panel on S. Asian literature, otherwise, I would probably have skipped this year entirely. I return to Chicago on Friday, and leave for Sri Lanka Sunday evening. Still no decision on the new cover. They're working on a new option, since I disliked the last one they suggested so much. Will hopefully see it sometime this week. I'm out of milk, so no tea. I'm going to make some rice and heat up some of my mom's curry that she sent back with me -- hopefully that'll help calm me down. Then shower, dress, go to the airport. Not looking forward to getting on a plane again already. But I did it to myself, so I don't get to complain too much, I think. And it'll be very good to see Jed.

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