So yesterday didn’t go…

So yesterday didn't go as planned. I did fine up until 4-ish, revising away, but just as I was about to finish Part IV, I started feeling ill. Pretty much knocked out the rest of the day; ended up half-sleeping on the couch all night with the tv going. It's pretty clear where this came from:

  • Tetanus/diptheria vaccine: soreness, redness, or swelling where the shot was given
  • Hepatitis A vaccine: soreness, headache, loss of appetite, nausea, tiredness
Yup, sounds about right. Got those shots yesterday, just took the first dose of anti-typhoid today (four pills, to be taken over the next eight days) -- (fever, headache, abdominal discomfort, nausea, vomiting, or rash). No fun, but you can't really argue with the fact that it's better to have some mild symptoms here, at home, rather than the real thing in a foreign country. Sigh. I guess I should just be grateful that I already had the full series of Hep B vaccine when I was living in Philly and working in a hospital.

Feeling fine this morning, though we'll see what happens with the typhoid stuff. At least I don't have to start the anti-malarial horse pills until two days before I leave. I should be able to finish Part IV within an hour or so, and then I get to eat (have to take the typhoid on an empty stomach and not eat for an hour -- no tea either, which is a tragedy) and dive into Part V. Still aiming to be done with this draft by tomorrow, though that may be wildly over-optimistic.

Started packing for Sri Lanka yesterday; I am bewildered to find that I only have one pair of lightweight pants. Those of you who have been to that part of the world -- shorts okay? I can't remember. And all my summer dresses are sleeveless -- will that be a problem? This is in the context of being a woman who'll be travelling alone for some of the time and who would rather not deal with a lot of unnecessary harrassment.

Oh, and hey -- anyone know what my PowerBook needs in Sri Lanka? I bought a universal transformer at the Apple Store, but it says plugs for use in North America, UK, Continental Europe, Japan, Korea, Australia, China, and Hong Kong. Note the lack of Sri Lanka or even India on that list. Do I need something different? Help???

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  1. The plugs that work in the UK work in India pretty well. Do the plugs have numbers written on them? If so, you can check them (maybe online) to see which one would work in Sri Lanka. Hope that helps.

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