So far this morning,…

So far this morning, posted a review of R.K. Narayan's The Man-Eater of Malgudi, cleaned the kitchen, checked e-mail, made tea. Steaming a bao for breakfast -- mmm. Almost out of frozen bao, but luckily, my immunization appt. this morning is right next to Water Tower Place, so I can pick up some more boxes from the Wow Bao guys. These little filled buns are addictive, and healthy -- at an average of 170 calories each, they're a yummy and filling snack. I'm considering becoming an advocate for the all-bao-all-the-time diet; two each for breakfast, lunch and dinner, and you'd be barely over 1000 calories. But I'm not sure that even I could eat that much bao. (The diet thing is not going so well, btw -- all the house-hunting stress had us ordering in Thai food and pizza a lot, which I suspect was super-high-calorie; I'm back up to 139, argh. Back to the strict counting and the exercising for the next week, at least.)

I have about two hours before I need to leave for my appointment, so revision. Then this afternoon, more revision. And this evening, I have a very exciting plan -- why yes, it's revision! So clever of you to figure that out!

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