Good morning, munchkins!…

Good morning, munchkins! I'm feeling bright-eyed and bushy-tailed, over the worst of my cold, thank the gods. Elissa arrived last night, and we stayed up talking until 11, so yesterday was an extremely long day. Today she's at the conference most of the day, though we do get an hour or so for dinner before she flies back to St. Louis.

On the housing front, Kev and I looked at some places in Bucktown yesterday, and decided, somewhat to my surprise, that we prefer bright modern condos with interesting architectural detail to charming old homes with art glass and huge basements, at least if the condos are actually in the city. So Oak Park is pretty much off our possible neighborhood list; it's good to narrow this list down. Hoping to look at some places in the Loop and West Loop in the next week or two -- it's going to be that or Bucktown, I think, though possibly not soon. We may well not buy for another year, given that the job at Roosevelt, if I take it, is a one-year position, and there's some chance that they wouldn't hire me back next year, and I might actually move elsewhere. Exhausting thought, but thankfully, a year away.

You'll probably be hearing lots more about Roosevelt soon, but until a final decision is made, I'm going to try not to natter on too much about it. I'll note that I had a funny anxiety dream last night; I was going for a final interview at Roosevelt, and I was at my parents' house, and my dad was going to drop me off on the way to work, while also dropping off my sisters at school and work. The minutes kept ticking away and I kept fretting that we were going to be late, and reminding my dad that he needed to drop me off first, since my interview was the most time-crucial. But at the same time, I was having a hard time getting dressed in my interview suit -- I kept putting on the wrong clothes by mistake, like a pair of jeans instead of my suit pants, and having to take them off again and try to get the right clothes on. In the space of ten dream minutes, I must have put on and taken off clothes a dozen times. Goofy. :-)

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