I was going to wait to…

I was going to wait to mention this, but I just can't. I got a job offer today from Roosevelt University, for a one-year visiting professorship, teaching three and two, plus some administrative work. They'd let me teach science fiction and fantasy writing, or a class on writing around ethnicity and identity. They'd let me invite writers as part of the guest writers series. They'd let me teach Asian-American or post-colonial literature. They'd let me help build up the program, and shape its future direction. They want to co-sponsor Kriti and be prominently involved in the festival. From my point of view, it's a very exciting job.

I've asked them a few questions regarding some negotiable aspects, and they'll be getting back to me on that tomorrow. I'll be making a decision on whether to actually take this job very soon.

Yay! Yay Yay Yay!!!

I am never never never applying to sixty academic jobs all at the same time again. Or taking twenty-plus preliminary interviews. Let that be a lesson to me, and to any of you going on the academic job market. Only apply for jobs you actually want -- don't just panic and apply to everything you could possibly be qualified for. Because the process of applying for all those jobs (and interviewing, and waiting to hear back) is utterly exhausting, and will seriously interfere with getting writing done.

In other good news, Monika Jain, the editor of Kahani has agreed to come to my festival, and a possible keynote speaker has indicated that sie is available that weekend and willing to come. Huge weight off my mind. A great day. Maybe I should get up at 3:30 more often.

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  1. Yes indeed, this is amazing news! That you can stay in Chicago, stay with Kevin, *and* start your academic career in a place that is letting you do lots of things you want to do. It will also let you “try on” academia, and see if you can combine it with full time writing. Congratulations, enjoy, and report often on this, the next phase of the MAM saga 🙂

  2. Mary Anne Mohanraj

    Thanks, guys! M., I do particularly like the aspect of getting to try on academia; though Kev’s a bit disappointed that it isn’t a tenure-track job. Roosevelt is hoping to offer the tenure-track position next year, it sounds like, and while I wouldn’t be guaranteed it, of course, I’d have a very good shot at it, if it happens. In the meantime, I think I’m actually happier to have a one-year position first, just in case they end up disliking me, or I them. Though that seems unlikely right now.

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