Finally got some work…

Finally got some work done yesterday, thank the gods. I've been in something of a funk because I hated the opening of my novel. I've now switched a few scenes around, and while I'm not sure it'll stay this way, just making the change seems to have freed me up enough that I can actually progress again. I'm going to try to whip through a quick revision of Part I (which was already revised, but I had a few more ideas), and then progress on to Part II by tomorrow. That's the plan. Also finish writing up my student comments, so a busy afternoon and evening ahead.

Spent the morning working on DesiLit stuff; we now have a Los Angeles chapter, v. exciting. :-) And a few confirmed panelists -- Anjali Banerjee and Pooja Makhijani, both of whom do kids' lit. Should hopefully have one more confirmed to announce shortly, though we may have to juggle dates a bit to make it happen. This stuff is complicated! :-)

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