Oh, munchkins. I am…

Oh, munchkins. I am utterly failing to concentrate. I am reading a student story, and then rather than writing comments on it, I am bouncing back to the net to check e-mail. Then reading another story. More e-mail. I have brought my notes and manuscript to the cafe (three hours ago) but I am not starting to revise Part II either. I am reading, off and on, How I Got Cultured: A Nevada Memoir, by Phyllis Barber, one of my colleagues at Vermont, and liking it very much -- Phyllis was raised Mormon, and there's a fair bit of that in this book, so if you have an interest, definitely take a look. But all of this is not getting my own work done. And in a little over an hour, I need to go catch a bus north to meet my sister and cousin and a second cousin in from out of town for Thai dinner, which will be lovely, but which will mean that I will get no more work done today.

Kevin tells me that when he was on the academic job market, he got no work done for three months. It hasn't been that bad, but some days, some days I just fail.

I am going to go and re-read the revised Part I of TA now. Perhaps that will at least prepare me to start revising Part II tomorrow...


The only thing I've accomplished today is fine-tuning the Desilit weblog. If you get a chance, stop by and let me know if it's readable and all that? We'll take out the test entries over the weekend and make it live Monday, if all goes well.

7 thoughts on “Oh, munchkins. I am…”

  1. Mary Anne, do you know a lot of the detail about the mail you are waiting for (i.e. where it will be coming from?)

    If so, one thought might be to see if you can set up an alert that would send a message to your cell phone when the email comes in – might allow you to ignore the rest of your email and get work done.

    When I have my old phone I set it up so that emails from current clients, certain employees, and my mom paged me – made it so that I could ignore the rest of the junk when I had to, but not miss the key emails from clients.


  2. Mary Anne Mohanraj

    Shannon, I wasn’t clear — I wasn’t waiting for an e-mail; I imagine I’ll get a phone call to schedule the interview. I was just checking e-mail to procrastinate.

  3. Hello

    I was on the blog on the DesiLit site… it is nice!! quick question – why is it not hyperlinked from the home page.. of from any on the other ones !! is this work in progress??


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