I thought these might…

I thought these might amuse you -- some of the questions on the first story in BiM, from my German translator. I particularly like the insect query:

2 "Mr. Chelliah! ..." I suppose Sister Catherine and Thani do talk in English? In this case "Mr." is okay in my translation. If not, I have to use the German word "Herr" instead of "Mr."

6 kunju

7, 9 mahal

11 1) Thani found his way to the *washroom* - what kind of room do you want your readers to visualize? Just a room with a washing basin in it? Or with a toilet, too? Or kind of bathroom?

2) What is punishing about Thani's wife telling him he was snoring like a sick cow? German readers won't understand this without an explanation

12 "... accidentally stepped on an insect." Did the insect die, or did it live after Sundar's stepping on it? I have to know because in German there are different expressions for both cases

17 What do you mean by *flat* eyes?

22 "Her belly is *marked* now ..." What do you mean? marked by her pregnancy?

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