Finally finished…

Finally finished revisions of chapter 3 -- took a while, because I took a break of a couple hours in the middle to do groceries, errands, etc. Whew. If I can get through chapter 4 tomorrow, finishing part I, I'll be very happy. We'll see.

Confirmed that I'll be reading in New York at KGB on 8/17. I know this is crazy far in advance, but heck, if you live in New York, why don't you indulge me and mark your calendars now? :-)

Dinner-making now -- curry! And then either tv or computer games, I think, because I'm feeling pretty brain-dead after all that revising. Though I've also been reading an Alice Munro collection, Hateship, Friendship, Courtship, Loveship, Marriage -- I adored the title story, so I may just keep reading that.

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