I know they need houses,…

I know they need houses, fishing boats, nets, etc. before books, but I'm still glad that a publisher has started a program to rebuild libraries in Sri Lanka. They're asking for donations of money or books before February 28th.

An article in an Indian newspaper talks about how hollow books set in India (written by those who don't live there) seem to her. Is this what people will say about the early sections of Bodies in Motion? I fret. At the end of the article she mentions a few great authors who live in India and whose works are available in English translation, so if you like S. Asian literature, you could read these for yourself and compare. (What's a bit odd about this article is that she says at the beginning that the question of 'authenticity' is a pretty useless one, but then seems to come right back to that question in the second half of the article. Unless I'm missing something.)

Breakfast, tea, stop fretting about what other people will say about my work, and just revise chapter 4. That's my plan.

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