You will understand the…

You will understand the true depths of my procrastination when I tell you that I actually watched Star Trek V yesterday, instead of working on TA. I did eventually exercise, but other than that, fully half the day was devoted to watching mediocre-to-bad tv. Sigh.

I'm procrastinating so far this morning too, but at least more productively; most of the way through Lahiri's The Namesake. I vaguely know that people weren't so impressed with this book, at least within the desi community, and I admit, I'm surprised -- so far, I think it's pretty good. We'll see if it holds up.

But the plan now is to put the book down, and the computer down, and read some of Susan Lee's crit on TA. Maybe that'll motivate me to start working. What I really want to do is go back to sleep.

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