Oh, in deep…

Oh, in deep procrastination mode. There's a Star Trek marathon playing on Spike tv, and I've already been through STIII and am deep into STIV. While that's going, I've been catching up on some e-mails, finally starting to deal with the tremendously-delayed SLF WFC records. I've started reading Jhumpa Lahiri's The Namesake, which the DesiLit bookclub will be discussing in February, and which I've been meaning to read for months. I've watered the plants, eaten lunch, done the dishes.

It all looks very productive and I could almost fool myself that I'm having a perfectly normal day, but I'll tell you what I'm really doing -- I'm avoiding two things: exercise, and starting revisions on TA. Every five minutes, I'll stop being distracted by what I'm occupying myself with, and feel guilty for the avoidance behavior. I know what I ought to do. I should turn off the tv, put on an exercise DVD, and work out. And after that, I should sit down and start the revision. But no, no, no. It just doesn't happen. The tv keeps going, the pages of The Namesake keep turning, and I get more and more annoyed with myself. Argh.

It's particularly annoying because at the exact same time that I resist doing my work, I know that once I start doing the work, I'll be perfectly content doing it -- much happier than I am now, in fact. And I still can't seem to make myself start it.

Inertia is the true enemy.

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