Y’all remember my…

Y'all remember my angsting about my author photo, right? Now this is a gorgeous author photo. I don't actually know anything about the book, of course, but who needs to? I'll just enjoy the pretty picture. I think it might make a good wallpaper. This photo would normally cast me into an excess of despair, just as Jhumpa Lahiri's photo did, but Kevin told me the other day that I am "very pretty." I was totally fishing for a compliment, but the astonishing thing is that I actually got one out of him. I think he thinks compliments are frivolous. :-)

We watched Before Sunset last night, which I enjoyed quite a bit, though I'm not sure about the ending. But the dialogue was terrific, and the actors have tremendous skill and chemistry together. A pleasure to watch. Jed, if you haven't seen these two, put them on your list -- and I definitely recommend watching them in close succession. They aren't long, so you could even do it all on one night, if so inclined.

Ended up having a longish talk with Kev last night about emotional intensity, which is part of what the movies are about. Didn't come to any particular conclusions, aside from me wishing I could be a little less emotional/romantic, and him maybe wanting to be a little more. But I think really, we're both pretty content as we are...

Vaguely connected due to romantic content: I was delighted to find a copy of The Time Has Come, by The Billys, online the other day. It arrived yesterday and I'm listening to it now. Their song "Bread" is one of my most favorite romantic songs ever, and I'd lost my old copy of their CD -- for a long time, I couldn't find a new copy to buy. Yay for the net. Jenn, given our similarities in tastes, I think you'd like this CD a lot too. I also love "The Wheel Song," about love and recycling.

I have another job interview today, at 1:15, with Nebraska-Wesleyan. Aside from that, mostly just getting through e-mails and small household tasks; pick up a few more groceries, return a pair of shoes, update Kev's car registration, change our cell phone plans to one that'll save us a bit of money. That kind of thing. I finished reading the Karr yesterday; I think I'm going to try to finish reading another I got partway through a while ago, Carmit Delman's Burnt Bread and Chutney, a memoir about growing up Indian and Jewish.

I may start work on the nonfiction book -- I think I know what I want to do next, seeing if I can incorporate two pieces I wrote earlier (the race/dating piece and the historical piece) -- but no promises.

Tea and curry now. So good to be home. :-)

6 thoughts on “Y’all remember my…”

  1. Do you think reading his books would improve my chances of scoring with him? Dear Goddess but he’s yummy. You are too, for the record.

  2. Hi Mary Anne,

    I was just going about my turning-in chores when i had a brainwave about your author photo. Why not try changing the picture from color to B&W? B&W is amazingly dramatic and flattering–

    Also, since you’re wary of the camera and this tends show up in pictures–how about a 3/4 profile shot? The one you have on the introductory page to ‘Ongoing Erratic Diary’ is so very charming.


  3. Mary Anne Mohanraj

    Maya, I think we’ve taken all the photos I can stand to take for the moment. Maybe in ten years, I’ll take another in three-quarter profile. 🙂 We might translate the color to b/w, though I think they like the saturated intensity of the colors — it definitely helps me stand out from all the generic b/w author photos out there, even if it’s not necessarily quite as flattering.

  4. Mary Anne Mohanraj

    Tracy, hey! You have a website again! People ask me about you occasionally, and I always say I don’t know what happened to that girl… Now I can just link to you and all will be well. 🙂

    I’ll take you up on that offer, if I may. What city are you in? I make it to the East Coast every few months; I’ll probably be hitting New York again in May or so…

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