An on-campus interview! …

An on-campus interview! It's a great location, and what sounds like a really interesting place to work -- Otis College, in Los Angeles. Very exciting! They'll call me back to confirm the details, but tentatively planning on flying out next Wednesday (the 19th) to interview Thursday.

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  1. Oh, cool! If you’ve got time and inclination, Sharon and I could treat you to dinner while you’re there. The college is reasonably near a number of tasty joints.

  2. I would be careful about having dinner with Zak, Mary Anne. I have known at least one case where a candidate was not hired because he went to dinner with a friend who was not affiliated with the university that was interviewing him, giving the impression that he did not take that university seriously. Essentially he ignored the plans of the interviewing institution to entertain him.

    I do not know you, Zak, so if you are on the Otis College faculty or staff, this probably does not apply.

  3. Mary Anne Mohanraj

    The school has told me that they want me essentially for two things on Thursday, so I don’t think they have plans for me Wednesday night — but I’ll certainly confirm that before making any other plans in L.A. If they want to have three different meals with me, I’d be happy to, of course.

    That said, Zak, Lisette gets first dibs on my time (the privileges of high school best friend status :-). But if I can squeeze in seeing you two, I certainly will.

  4. Hey, congratulations, your first on-campus interview is a big rite of passage! And judging from their web site, this place sounds perfect for you–international perspective, critical theory, relationship of American lit to world lit… Whatever happens, enjoy it!

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