I heard at breakfast…

I heard at breakfast this morning that some of the Vermont students have found this blog. Hi, guys! Hope you're enjoying it.

Yesterday's workshop went well, I think -- the format seems to be two stories at a time, crits of an hour each. I'm co-teaching with Diane Lefler, and I think we have fairly complementary styles. No gag rule, for example -- for those of you not familiar with writing workshops, in many of the more traditional ones, the author is not allowed to speak during the critique -- and a fairly loose, free-form discussion.

Was really exhausted yesterday, so ended up skipping all the evening readings and events in favor of lying down in my room (and eventually sleeping). Feeling better this morning; my cold appears to have gotten past the incredible tiredness/aching throat stage, and moved on to sniffling and coughing, which is irritating, but less of an actual encumbrance. Kev claims to have had the same cold and is now well, so there's hope for the near future.

Will post more later, I suspect, but I'm going to prep for this morning's workshop now. It's not so easy to find time to journal -- the days here are really packed, from morning to night! There's a temptation to run from thing to thing, but running is highly not recommended this morning, because all of the roads and paths are incredibly icy! Many people have already fallen, so if you're here in Montpelier, be careful and slow, please.

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