Finally talked to my dad…

Finally talked to my dad last night; our remaining family in Sri Lanka appear to be okay, though one cousin does have stories about climbing up on furniture when water flooded the house. A relief.

In other news, finally got a solid night's sleep last night -- one more, and maybe I'll be back to normal. I'm trying to be awake and upbeat for everything I need to do, like last night's reading (which went very well) and this morning's students-interview-teachers-to-decide-who-they-want-to-work-with, but I find myself exhausted enough still that I need to go back to my room and lie down in between the essential events. Normally I would be committed to attending everything, and it feels very odd to be skipping other faculty lectures, for example. But I'm just so tired (and still sick) that I feel like I have to prioritize, so I can give the required elements, like this afternoon's forthcoming workshop, my best.

Now having some printing difficulties; I'm hoping that the computer guy will be back in a few minutes to help me print. But if not, then I may just re-type today's crits. I have about half an hour, which should be enough time. Annoying, though.

1:17 addendum: Printer guy couldn't figure out why neither network nor USB printing was working for my laptop, but was able to lend me his little USB drive to transfer the file, which then printed fine, saving me retyping. Will bring my own USB drive (back in my dorm room on my keychain) from now on.

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  1. *So* happy that your family’s okay! I have one friend who’s lost something like 25 members of his extended family, and half the people in the place where he was born.

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