Two interviews down,…

Two interviews down, fourteen to go. I keep thinking I must be counting wrong, but no, that's correct. The first couple went well, I think. I wish more of them were today; I'm having a fairly relaxed day today, at the price of insanity tomorrow, when I have ten in a row. Nothing to be done about that, though. At least this is letting me ease in a bit. V. glad I bought a nice interview suit -- several of those interviewing me so far have been in suits!

A much more comprehensive website on tsunami relief efforts has been set up. The web still amazes me sometimes.

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  1. The web has its uses. I didn’t think you were going to Sri Lanka before next year, but I haven’t been online much for the last couple of months and wasn’t certain – it was a relief to check your site and find that you were worried about family but otherwise okay.

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