Slept as well as could…

Slept as well as could be expected, I suppose. Took a couple Benadryl last night, re-read the opening to The Golden Compass until I got a bit sleepy, 12:30 or so. (Another advantage of staying with a friend -- their books). Started waking up at 4:30, panicked that I was late. Woke up about once every half hour after that. Finally got up at 7:15. Showered now, almost dressed. Gods, it's chilly in the morning. Want tea, but there is no milk -- the soy milk in the fridge smells suspicious. Is okay -- will finish dressing and go downtown and they will have tea. Lots and lots of tea. Not too much, since I don't want to be running out halfway through an interview. But enough.

On the plus side, I've just taken a few minutes and numbered the pages on the finished first draft of The Arrangement, which I did manage to complete on the plane yesterday, just before my battery died. This version clocks in at 101,547 words. I suspect it needs another 50,000 words or so before it's done -- it's very bare-bones and to-the-point at the moment, and I like my novels to be more subtle, complex, lyrical than this one currently is. But it can get done in revision. I want to start revising right now, but a) I have other things to do, and b) Bob needs to read it, and c) I undoubtedly ought to let it sit and simmer for a bit, so ignore it I shall.

I can't quite take in that I've actually written my first novel. It all happened in between all the other, more urgent, bits of recent life.

Okay -- brush teeth, goop hair, off to interviews. Wish me luck!

3 thoughts on “Slept as well as could…”

  1. Seconding the note for first reader. I would be honored.

    And I loved the line about it happening in between. I think that was what Jay was trying to say about writing every day. I must get on that train.

  2. Mary Anne Mohanraj

    Guys, I think I have enough feedback for now, but possibly on the next round. Check back with me then, if you still feel like it, please. 🙂

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