Another job interview –…

Another job interview -- and this one's a big one. University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee!! Which is not necessarily a better program/job than the others I've set up, but it is one that means I wouldn't have to move. It would make our lives next year a lot easier.

The interview's soon, too -- a telephone interview this Sunday, with three fiction writers and two lit folk. Any tips from the academics reading this on how I should best prepare would be very welcome. I suspect I'm going to be spending a lot of time on the Chronicle website reading their interview tips!

Do I review my critical theory?

Do I practice intelligent ways to talk about my work?

Do I familiarize myself with the work of the faculty members on the interview?

Do I run around in a blind panic?

All of the above?


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  1. I can’t speak for the academic stuff, of course, but that article you pointed to about interviewing looks really good to me. A fair bit of what it says applies to interviewing outside of academia as well, mutatis mutandis. Especially the comments “Stories drawn from experience are excellent answers to many questions” and “answer questions with specifics.”

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